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PCHS is officially a Canadian Welding Bureau Test Site

Nov 11, 2013
The students 1st Weld test will take place on Dec. 13th. No other high school offers this!!

There’s a new type of testing coming to Port Colborne High School.

The school was recently declared a testing site for Canadian Welding Bureau tickets. It joins Beamsville District Secondary School as the only high schools in Niagara that offer the testing.

“Now it just makes it so much easier for the students to get their tickets,” said welding teacher Vic Barker.

Before, students would have to head up to Hamilton, or to BDSS, to take their tests. It was both costly and time consuming, making it difficult for students to get their tickets.

But now, with the ability to do the testing right in the school Barker said he expects up to 25 of his 32 specialist high skills major students to get tickets. Testing will take place in December, with a second round next semester. Grade 12 students will get the first crack, giving them an opportunity to retry next semester to get their tickets before they graduate.

The school will be able to do testing for flat, vertical and horizontal testing, in arc, mig and flux core welding.

“For us, it’s just great,” Barker said.

Leading up to the test, the students will get a chance to practice under Barker and local welder Kirk Dressel, before taking the test.

“Once they pass me and pass Kirk, they get a chance to do the test,” Barker said.

In addition to its own students, Port High will also be the test site for all south Niagara students, Barker said, making it easier for kids from places like Fort Erie and Thorold to get their tickets.

Visit http://eng.cwbgroup.org/Pages/default.aspx  or see Mr. Barker for more information
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