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The math department at Port High teaches all levels of learners. Our goal is to develop the creative and critical thinking mathematical minds of each student in our classes. From math for everyday life to calculus and vectors and everything in between. We use manipulatives for concrete examples and hands on learning. There is a dedicated, mathematics computer lab for students to investigate the math behind real world situations and use the latest technology to help solve problems. We also have a new vertical class where students can get out of a typical classroom setting and collaborate with other students.  


Mr. P. MacGregor 
Room 301

Mrs. R. Killpatrick
Room 300  

Homework Help:
Homework help is available to every DSBN student online. There is a live certified Ontario math teacher available to help students with any math questions they may have. Whether you are completing daily homework, doing an assignment, or studying for a test or exam, there is a math teacher available to assist in real-time time. Grade 9 and 10 students can access the mathify website and Grade 11 and 12 students can access the DSBN homework help site. Click the links below.  

Grade 9 and 10
Go To Mathify

Grade 11 and 12
Go To DSBN Homework Help


MATHletes in the Spotlight!

Jun 09, 2017
Mason Heaslip & Dylan Brant earn Medals in U. of Waterloo Math Competition


Danielle Rock
, Brady Young, Dylan Brant and Mason Heaslip got to the opportunity to show off their mathematical talents earlier in May at the first high school level Math Olympics.  Equipped with their calculators and pencils, these students battled nearly two dozen team from all across the DSBN in hopes of being named champions.  The competition was run in three segments, including an individual portion, a collaboration in pairs, and a final team relay.  Our mathletes had fun, were challenged, and got to meet other students with similar mathematical interests.

Annual Waterloo Math Contest
The University of Waterloo develops many internationally recognized contests to help inspire students to develop an interest in and love for mathematics.  Fifteen PCHS students accepted the challenge of writing the Waterloo Math contest earlier this semester.  Grade 9 Pascal: Max Baswick and Mason Heaslip (medal recipient).  Grade 10 Cayley: Alyssa Brozovic, Murray Balogh, Emily Baker, Jacob Robichaud, Mallorey Jackson, and Dylan Brant (medal recipient).  Grade 11 Fermat: Teaghan Edwards, Reaghan Mitchell, Austin Adams, and Austin Graham.  Grade 12 Euclid: Danielle Rock, Brady Young, and Shail Patel.