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PCHS Mathematics

At PCHS, we offer a full range Mathematics courses to meet the needs of all learners.

Grade 9:
MFM 1P1 - Applied Math
MPM 1D1 - Academic Math
MAT 1LK - Essentials Math

Grade 10:
MFM 2P1 - Applied Math
MPM 2D1 - Academic Math
MAT 2LK - Essentials Math

Grade 11:
MBF 3C1 - College Math
MCF 3M1 - "Mixed" Math
MCR 3U1 - University Math
MEL 3E1 - Workplace Math

Grade 12:
MAP 4C1 - College Math
MDM 4U1 - Data Management (University)
MHF 4U1 - Advanced Function (University)
MCV 4U1 - Calculus and Vectors (University)
MEL 4E1 - Workplace Math

The sequence of courses is important for future planning to make sure students can access the right courses in grade 12.  To help with this, please see:

Typical pathway planning chart