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Mr. Morrison  
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Ms. Jason
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Here at Port Colborne High School the science department strives to bring scientific investigation skills with an emphasis of hands on approaches to the students. In Physics students have made trebuchets and Rube Goldberg Machines. Students will be able to investigate the anatomy of different organisms in Biology through dissection and virtual dissection. Students also get to see the magic of chemistry where they investigate and apply knowledge in their labs viewing the interaction of various elements that make up our world. Science at Port Colborne High School is fun and exciting and the teachers in our department are passionate and knowledgeable. Also students have participated in field trips to Balls Falls for ecosystem studies, the Ontario Science Centre, Ripley’s Aquarium and Canada’s Wonderland. Students have also been given opportunities to be involved in the Brock Mentorship program as well as the Science Olympics.

The science Department at Port Colborne High School offers nearly every course available, in all three divisions Academic Applied and Essentials. The 3 main disciplines of Biology Chemistry and Physics along with Environmental Science are offered yearly in the senior grades in University, College, and Workplace level (where appropriate). 

Grade 9
SNC 1P    Science - Applied
SNC1D     Science - Academic
SNC1LK  Science - Essentials

Grade 10
SNC 2P    Science - Applied
SNC 2D    Science - Academic
SNC2LK - Science - Essentials 

Grade 11
SBI 3C     Biology - College
SBI 3U     Biology - University
SCH 3U   Chemistry - University
SPH 3U    Physics - University
SVN3E     Environmental Science - Workplace
SVN 3M   Environmental Science - University/College
Grade 12
SBI 4U     Biology - University
SCH 4C   Chemistry - College
SCH 4U   Chemistry - University
SPH 4C   Physics - College
SPH 4U   Physics - University