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Visual Art

AVI - Grade 9 Visual Arts

This course offers an overview of visual arts as a foundation for further study. Students will become familiar with the elements and principles of design and the expressive qualities of various materials through working with a range of materials, processes, techniques, and styles. They will learn and use methods of analysis and criticism and will study the characteristics of particular historical art periods and a selection of Canadian art and the art of other cultures.

AVI - Grade 10 Visual Arts

This course emphasizes learning through practice; building on what students know; and introducing them to new ideas, materials, and processes for artistic thinking and experimentation. Student learning will include the refi ned application of the elements and principles of design, incorporating the creative and design processes, and the relationship between form and content. 

AVI M - Grade 11 Visual Arts

Taught by Ms. Mayne in room 323, this course provides students with opportunities to further develop their skills and knowledge in visual arts. Students will explore a range of subject matter through studio activities, and will consolidate their practical skills. Students will also analyse art works and study aspects of Western art history, as well as Canadian art forms and art forms from various parts of the world.

AVI - Grade 12 Visual Arts

Taught by Ms. Mayne in room 323, this course focuses on the refinement of students skills and knowledge in visual arts. Students will analyse art forms; use theories of art in analysing and producing art; and increase their understanding of stylistic changes in modern and contemporary Western art, Canadian (including Native Canadian) art, and art forms from various parts of the world. Students will produce a body of work demonstrating a personal approach.

Visual Art Events:

Visual Arts in the News:

PCHS Dominates Green Art Show

Apr 19, 2016
$700 was awarded to 15 students

green art good

On Saturday and Sunday PCHS hosted the 7th Annual Green Art Show, where 60 entries from both Lakeshore and Port High were entered into the show.  Over the 2 day event over 500 spectators were amazed by student art.  Congratulations to all students that participated.  Over $700 in awards were given to PCHS students.  Congratulations to the following students:
1. Best Recycled – Will Forbes, Brady Ursaki and Brady Young
2. Best Upcycle – Michael Evans, Kyle Riedke, Ryle Steele, Devon Terrelli, Austin Cornwall
3. Best Response to a Global Issue – Michael Evan, Baily Pelletier, Thayne MacIntee, Trey McIntee, Connor Jones, Brady Young
4. Peoples’ Choice Award – Michael Evans, Austin Cornwall, Ryle Steele, Devon Terrelli, Kyle Riedke
5. Best Response to a Topical Issue – Bailey Pelletier, Thayne McIntee, Trey McIntee, Michael Evans, Connor Jones, Brady young
6. Best Found Object – Curtis Russel and Trent Barrick

Thank you to all staff and students who helped make this years show the best yet.  Please make sure you have a look at our art in the foyer today.  Mr. Barker will be moving it to the Board Office to display there after school today.