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Coach:  Mr. Coers
Manager:  Mr. Tonelli
Asst Coach:  

Tryouts/Practices are Tuesdays and Friday at the West Side arena beginning in early April (weather permitting).     Team tryouts are open to both male and female students from grades 9-12.


Past MVP's
2019 - Bryce Rusicia
2018 - Seth Tonelli
2017 - Thomas Slater
2016 - NA
2015 - Russell James
2014 - David Shultz
2013 - Wes Mann
2012 - Corey Coers
2011 - Corey Coers
2010 - Eric Pipher
2009 - Mark Ciolfi
2008 - Mark Ciolfi
2007 -
2006 -
2005 - Mike Ashley
2004 - Darryl Suess
2003 - Dan Broderick & Greg Huneault
2002 - Darryl Suess
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2019 Roster:
 #          Name                         Position      Grade
 15  Seth Tonnelli  SS  10
 52  Bryce Rysica  OF  11
 88  Matt Martel  OF  10
 85  Jake Richard  OF  12
 78  Nolan Lubeck 1st  9
 72  Brock Deschamps  OF  11
 47  Jacob Andrews  C  11
 17  Corey Ferry  1st   12
 25  Wesley Krick  C/OF  9
 59  Hayden Krick  C/OF  9
 22  Dylan Coers  OF  9
 88  Scott Verbeeck  OF  12
 68  Ben Brozovic  2nd  10
 83  Chase Reeker  C/OF  10
 54  Riley Lannan  OF  12

Baseball News:

Port High honours 2015-16 athletes of the year

Jun 15, 2016
Team MVP & Coaches awards handed out also

athletes of the yr

So much for hibernation. There were Blue Bear sightings aplenty in the winners circle when Port Colborne High School celebrated the end to 2015-16 athletic season.

School and team awards were presented at an assembly, and student athletes also got together for a barbecue.


Athlete of the year, senior boys: Ryan Dendy

Athlete of the year, senior girls: Madison McAvoy

Athlete of the year, junior boys: Jake Richard

Athlete of the year, junior girls: Allyce Andrews

Sportsperson of the year, senior boys: Eric Hang

Sportsperson of the year, senior girls: Sencia Lampman

Sportsperson of the year, junior boys: Bruce Bryan

Sportsperson of the year, junior girls: Jennifer Kozelj

Blue Bear Award: Hollie Sonnenberg


Badminton: Bruce Bryan, Victoria Fraser, Coaches Award

Basketball, senior boys: Christopher Fairman, Ethan Scott, MVPs

Basketball, senior girls: Meghan Kapellas, Mae Lannon, Madison McAvoy, Coaches Award

Basketball, junior boys: Mitchell Sider, Mark Youngblut, Coaches Award

Basketball, junior girls: Jennifer Kozelj, Sydney Vrbanac, MVPs

Cross country: Flynn Thorton, most improved; Dean Miller, most dedicated

Hockey, boys: Joe Bucilli, MVP

Soccer, boys: Connor Buchanan, Dakota Marko, MVPs

Soccer, girls: Jennifer Kozelj, MVP; Meghan Kapellas, Coaches Award

Softball, girls: Alexandra Campbell, Madison McCulligh, MVPs

Tennis: Carl Booker, Laryn Youngblut, Coaches Award

Track and field: Ryan Dendy, MVP

Ultimate: Eric Hang, Zack Piazza, Coaches Award

Volleyball, senior boys: Jacob Minor, MVP; Ryan Dendy, Tye Miller, Coaches Award

Volleyball, senior girls: Lydia Rehman, MVP; Madison McAvoy, Coaches Award

Volleyball, junior boys: Brady Young, Coaches Award

Volleyball, junior girls: Allyce Andrews, MVP