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Ontario's Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities is updating two helpful online education and career planning tools - the 2013 Employment Profile and Ontario Job Futures. Both tools provide data and information on postsecondary education and employment to help guidance counsellors, students, their families, and others support better decision making about postsecondary education and career planning.


Recently updated, the 2013 Employment Profile provides the following data on Ontario college programs and employment outcomes:

  • Graduate employment rates;

  • How employment relates to the graduates' field of study;

  • Top occupations found by graduates;

  • Graduation rates;

  • The satisfaction rates of graduates and their employers;

  • Salary ranges;

  • A list of the colleges that offer a given program;

  • Five-year timelines of most data; and

  • Updated with 2012-13 data.

In addition, the profile has been updated to include new benchmarks and improved search functions, and to allow users to export data into downloadable Excel files. Future college students can use the profile to help decide if college is the right choice and, if so, which program.


The Ministry has also updated Ontario Job Futures, a web-based publication that provides information on current trends and future outlooks for occupations common to Ontario.The refreshed site offers about 200 occupational profiles for the 2013-17 period, providing job descriptions, employment prospects, average income, occupational characteristics, and education and training requirements for each occupation.


Ontario's 2013 Employment Profile and Ontario Job Futures are helping Ontarians get the information they need to join one of the best-educated and most highly skilled workforces in the world.