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May 9th 2017 Zone 3 Championship
10 of our athletes advancing to the SOSSA Championships next Thursday. Special congratulations to Leslie Buck for her first place finish in Javelin and Grant Flagg for his first place finish in the 100m and 2nd place finish in the 800m. Bruce Bryan also won second in shotput, Dean Miller won 2nd in his Senior 800m race and Nina Potts won 3rd place in the Junior Women's 3000m race.  Congratulations to all participants on a job well done!

May 13th 2015  Zone 3 Championship
The track team had a great day yesterday at the zone three championships. The team picked up a total four first-place finishes, 5 second place finishes and most athletes were able to qualify for the sossa championships next week. Top performers were Emily Gamble who won the junior girls long jump, finished second in the junior girls triple jump and finished third in the 300 m hurdles. Kreek Berrick had a great day by winning the junior boys javelin throw and placing second in the junior boys shotput. Nicole Vanatter won the senior girls shot put and also placed third in the discus throw. Ilyssa Boisvenue won the senior girls discus throw and also placed in the shotput. Eric Hang ran a new personal best in the 300 m hurdles finishing a very close second place. Other second-place finishers were Zack Piazza in the junior boys Javelin, Jazmin Kikkert Lebeau in senior discus and Sensia Lampman in midget girls shotput. Great job everyone.! The next meet is the SOSSA championships next Thursday.

May 6th 2015  Zone 2/3 Preliminary
The track team had another outstanding day yesterday at the Zone 3 preliminary competition. The team won a total of eight events and finished a close second and third in several more. Top performers of the day were Emily Gamble and Ilyssa Boisvenue. Both girls won 2 events; Emily the Junior Girls Long Jump and Triple Jump while Ilyssa won the Senior Girls Discus and Shot Put. Tristan Hynks had a break out performance in the Junior boys Discus Throw with a 7 meter personal best of 41 meters, which was good enough for his first ever victory. Other junior boy winners were Kreek Barrick in the Shot Put and Zack Piazza in the Javelin. On the track, Eric Hang and Victoria McIntyre both had good days by finishing second and third in the hurdles. And in routine fashion, the Senior Girl trio of Ilyssa Boisvenue, Jazmin Kikkert Labeau, and Nicole Vannatter finished first, second and third in the discus throw. Great job everyone, the next meet is the Zone 3 championship on Tuesday which is being held in St. Catharines.  

May 1st  2015 -  Ridgeway Invitational Results:
The track and field team opened it's 2014 season yesterday by taking on not only the competition but the weather as well. Despite the rain and cold temperatures Port Colborne High School finished first in five events ! Ilyssa Boisvenue led the way by winning two events; the senior girls discus and shot put. Zack Piazza won the junior boys javelin throw with a new personal best of 46 m. Kreek Barrick took first place in the junior boy shotput, while Luke Clattenburg was able to win the senior boys discus throw. Other top finishers for the day word Jazmin Kikkert Lebeau and Nicole Vanatter to finish second and third in senior girls discus respectively and Eric Hang who finished second in the junior boys 300 m hurdles. Great job everyone! The next meet is the zone three preliminary meet on Tuesday.       
2013 SOSSA Qualifiers:

Jazmin Kikkert-Labeau: Discus, Javelin
Ilyssa Boisvenue: Discus, Javelin and Shot put
Nicole Vanatter: Discus, Shot put
Emily Gamble: Long Jump, Triple Jump, 100m
Luc Clattenurg: Discus, Shot put
Trysten Hinks: Discus
Kreek Barrick: Shot put , Discus
Zack Piazza: Javelin, Triple jump
Zack Kreuger: Discus
Victoria McIntyre: 300m hurdles

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2019 Team Members
Midget Boys:
Preston Fraser
Isaac DeWaard
Brayden Tuck
Landan Sawatzky-Pollock
Ethan Istok
Evan Olm

Midget Girls
Grace Luey
Sheridan Sneek
Tatym Wagner

Junior Boys
Benjamin Brozovic
Bryce Ruscica

Senior Boys
Scott Verbeek
Callen Tuck
Bruce Bryan
Jake Richard

Senior Girls
Deanna Donnelly
Jordyn Goins
Jenifer Kozelj
Jacobi Oskam

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Track & Field News:

4 Zone Track Champions!

May 12, 2016
Plus seven 2nd place finishes


The track and field team had a great showing yesterday at the Zone 3 Championships held in St. Catharines.  The team came home with four first-place finishes and six second-place finishes.  Winners were Bruce Bryan and Jasmin Flagg in Midget Shot put, Ryan Dendy in Senior Boys Shot Put and Grant Flagg in the 100 meters.  Second-place finishers were  Trystan Hinks, Sr. Discuss,  Alyce Andrews in Junior Long Jump, Thomas Slater in Junior Shot Put, Jake Richard in Midget Discus and Jasmine Flagg in Midget Discus.  Also, Sensia Lampman got two second place finishes in Senior Girls Shot Put and Discus.

Congratulations to the team as a whole as nearly all members of the team were able to qualify for next week’s SOSSA Championship.  Great job Bears!

The top five finishers at the Zone 3 meet advance to the Southern Ontario Secondary Schools Association meet next Thursday at the Niagara Olympic Club. They are listed below.


Long jump: 1. Saldutto (5.02 metres); 2. Morrison; 3. Galas; 4. Jessica Konkle, Crossley; 5. Jordyn Goins, Port Colborne.

Triple jump: 1. Morrison (10.14 metres); 2. Goins; 3. Galas; 4. Ferrara; 5. Gilmore.

Shot put: 
1. Jasmine Flagg, Port Colborne (8.9 metres); 2. Destiny Paquin, Centennial; 3. Mattaya Hamer, RCB; 4. Olivia Detlor, RCB; 5. Chaise Major, Crossley.

Discus: 1. Paquin (23.26 metres); 2. Flagg; 3. Brenna Ferrara, Centennial; 4. Detlor; 5. Addie Hambly, Centennial.


Long jump: 1. Caitlyn Hamm, RCB (4.71 metres); 2. Alyce Andrews, Port Colborne; 3. Teasdale; 4. Chen; 5. Daina Thompson, Eastdale.

Triple jump: 1. Hamm (10.66 metres); 2. Thompson; 3. Bayer; 4. Andrews; 5. Shellony Charles, Notre Dame.


Shot put: 1. Kambrie Luciani, Centennial (10.79 metres); 2. Sensia Lampman, Port Colborne; 3. Daniella Sottile, Myer; 4. Mikaela Turkovich, Notre Dame; 5. Shemiah McDonald, St. Paul.

Discus: 1. Luciani (37.92 metres); 2. Lampman; 3. Koch; 4. Miranda Mann, Crossley; 5. Shannon Troupe, Fort Erie.


Shot put: 1. Bruce Bryan, Port Colborne (11.76 metres); 2. Jesse Murphy, St. Paul; 3. Jacob Eden, Lakeshore; 4. Jeremy Pollard, Crossley; 5. Matthew Chmielewski, Lakeshore.

Discus: 1. Pollard (34.61 metres); 2. Jake Richard, Port Colborne; 3. Markiam Hawrylyshyn, St. Michael; 4. Bryan; 5. Dan Durkin, Notre Dame.


400 metres: 1. Isaac Lapp, RCB (54.47); 2. Dean Miller, Port Colborne; 3. Jayaweera; 4. Dobbie; 5. Williston Goodfellow, Centennial.

800 metres: 1. Brock Deba, Crossley (2:05.55); 2. Lapp; 3. Miller; 4. Hunter Zimmerman, Port Colborne; 5. Michael Russiani, St. Michael.

1,500 metres: 1. Deba (4:48.79); 2. Lapp; 3. Miller; 4. Jake Nunn, Crossley; 5. Davis Shepherd, Crossley.

Shot put: 1. Asare Otchere, St. Paul (11.77 metres); 2. Thomas Slater, Port Colborne; 3. Blake Thompson, Centennial; 4. Okonkwo; 5. Kyle Detenbeck, RCB.


Shot put: 1. Ryan Dendy, Port Colborne (14.3 metres); 2. Alessandro Krick, St. Paul; 3. Quinn Tucker, Crossley; 4. Nick Petrick, Myer; 5. Daniel Francis, St. Michael.

Discus: 1. Bryce Martin, RCB (39.58 metres); 2. Trystan Hinks, Port Colborne; 3. Spencer Shoalts, Crossley; 4. Ethan Tupala, RCB; 5. Dendy.

100-metre intellectual: 1. Grant Flagg, Port Colborne (13.48); 2. Eric Kuchman, Notre Dame; 3. Andrew McIntyre, St. Michael; 4. Chandler Ladd, Lakeshore; 5. Alexi Liszt, Notre Dame.