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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


All those interested in trying out for the PCHS Golf team in September are asked to see Mr. Coers before you leave for the summer.

Attention all music students: If you have an instrument signed out from the music department, please return it immediately so that an inventory check can be done before instruments go home for the summer. 

The Port Colborne Downtown Art Crawl is still looking for volunteers to help this Saturday afternoon. Please see Mrs. McTavish for more information.

Attention all grade 11/12 visual arts students: If you would like to take your work home from last semester, please head to room 323 before lunch this week to pick up your art.

Port High's Green Art Show Results!

People's Choice:  Awarded to the artwork receiving the most votes/ballots cast by guest visiting the Green Art exhibition.
      1st Place : Living Dead, Saje Viozzi, $150.
      2nd Place : Water Pollution, Hannah Wilson, $25.

Best Recycled:  Awarded to the artwork making the best use of recycled materials.  The materials may or may not be used for new purpose.  The material properties of the recycled media are not or very little altered. 
        2nd Place : Pineapple Piece, Sarah Serabian, $25.

Best Up-Cycled:  Awarded to the artwork making best use of up-cycled media.  The materials are moved "up" the processing cycle to be reused for the same or a new purpose.
         1st Place :  Joe, Brenna Bohun, $100.

Best Found Object:  Awarded to the artwork making best use of a found materials or object.  The found materials or object are used on their own or with other materials retaining its basic form but altering its original function.
         1st Place :  Planter, Jacob Price, $100.
         2nd Place :  The Tin Man, Seth Rawcliffe, $25.

Best Response to an Environmental Issue:  Examples include:  amount of discarded plastics in oceans & lakes; Earth's climate changing or not re: temperature of the Arctic Ocean' preservation of Niagara's.
          1st Place : Bee Kind, Hannah Walker, $100.

Best Metal Art Piece:  Awarded to the artwork making best use of found metal used on their own or with other materials.
           1st Place : The Tiki Dude, Joel Snider, $100.
           2nd Place : Conceptual Art, Andrew Gamble, $25.

All library books were due on Friday, June 15th.  They are now overdue!  There is a list of students with overdue books on the Library door & on the Office door.  Please check to see if your name is on the list & if it is, please return your library book today!  Thanks!