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FLEXX Dance Team

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Port High is in its fifth year with a curriculum based Dance Program.  In addition to this program the school is fortunate to have an extracurricular Dance Team. This team is made up of over 50 dancers within the school. The team accepts any students who are interested in being a part of the team and they often perform in the yearly musical, assemblies, pep rallies, recitals, and Arts Week.

Flexx is Port High's Dance Team. Any interested dancers are welcome to join Flexx at the beginning of each new school year. Flexx meets every Thursday after school from 2:30 - 4:00 where they work on choreography for school or community events. This year flexx has 16 members who will be competing at "Niagara's Best Dance Crew" in the spring.

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Rebecca Boulton
Allison Benson
Carly Johnson
Emily Johnson
Kaila Akershock
Gillian Covell
Eryn Ursaki
Rachel Roy
Kristie Boychuck
Brianna Hockings
Robyn Dolittle
Christine Clombe
Olivia Carr
Sara Murray
Tiffany Borland