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The Ontario Ministry of Education released its ‘Creating Pathways to Success’ initiative. This education and career/life planning program is based on a 4 step inquiry process asking students to reflect upon the following inquiry questions: 

Who am I? 
What are my opportunities? 
What do I want to become? 
What is my plan for achieving my goals? 

Beginning in September 2013, students from Grades 7-12 will document the process of exploring their personal interests and goals through the Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) using the Career Cruising platform. 

The IPP provides many tools to assist students and families with planning pathways and courses in high school. We encourage students to keep an up to date IPP in order to help them with programs options for life after high school.

The Course Planner tool is the mechanism we will be using for course selections in February and March. After March 5th we will not be accepting electronic course selections. Students will need to make an appointment with a guidance counsellor after that time.

There are a number of very useful tools:

 - a series of questions that help you identify strengths, interests, and skills.
Learning Skills Inventory - Discover how you learn and retain information and find tips on how to improve your study habits to suit your learning style.

Careers Selector - a tool that allows you to search for careers based on a variety of criteria, like earnings, core tasks, and more.

Explore Education and Training - allows you to explore college, universities and apprenticeships programs.

Employment Guide
 - Learn how to conduct an effective work search and read our advice for your first days on the job.
Resume Builder - Use the information from My IPP to create your resume.

If you are uncertain about how to use Career Cruising, come by and make an appointment with a Guidance Counsellor and we will be happy to walk you through it.