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Coaches:  Mr. Coers

The golf team at Port High is open to any student from grades 9 to 12.  Tryouts begin in early September.   

Golf Team News:

Not your average Bears

Oct 23, 2020
Port High applauds athletic achievement

Following is the list of winners of team and school awards presented Wednesday night at Port Colborne High School’s 2012-13 sports banquet:


Female athlete of the year: Jazmin Kikkert-Labeau

Male athlete of the year: Matthew Roy

Junior female athlete of the year: Meghan Kapellas

Junior male athlete of the year: Lucas Clattenburg

Senior female sportsperson of the year: Abbey McPherson

Senior male sportsperson of the year: Kyle Wittmaier

Junior female sportsperson of the year: Taylor Fraser

Junior male sportsperson of the year: Eric Hang


Badminton: Connor Buchanan, Coaches Award

Baseball: Wesley Mann, MVP; Riley O’Hara, Coaches Award

Basketball, junior boys: Dylan Clattenburg, Dylan Balogh, Coaches Award

Basketball, senior boys: Stephen Toepp, MVP; Kyle Wittmaier, Coaches Award

Basketball, junior girls: Mae Lannan, MVP; Emily Gamble, Coaches Award

Basketball, senior girls: Kylie Edwards, MVP; Carly Johnson, Coaches Award

Cross-country: Noah DeRoy, most valuable runner

Football: Matthew Roy, MVP; Justin Romanyk, Coaches Award

Golf: Dave Schulz, Coaches Award

Hockey, boys: Ryley Boisvenue, MVP; Brody Ostermaier, Coaches Award

Slo-pitch: Samantha Redmond, MVP

Soccer, boys: Matthew Roy, MVP; Ian McKinnon, Coaches Award

Soccer, girls: Paisley Boychuk, Katey Gelka, Coaches Award

Swimming: Haley Morrison, most valuable swimmer; Alison Benson, Coaches Award

Track and field: Lucas Clattenburg, Zack Piazza, most valuable competitors

Ultimate Frisbee: Mitchell Kelba, Collen Matthews, MVPs

Volleyball, junior boys: Jacob Miner, MVP; Emerson Smith, Coaches Award

Volleyball, junior girls: Meghan Kapellas, Coaches Award

Volleyball, senior girls: Sara Forbes, Coaches Award
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2023 Roster:
 Mikayla Lacey
Brianna Buchannan
Logan Dickie


Past MVP's:
2023 - Mikayla Lacey
2022 - Mikayla Lacey
2018 -  Aiden Hawkins