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Student Council

Advisor:  Mr. Balogh  & Ms. Jason

As Students’ Council, we are here to listen and voice the concerns and ideas of our fellow peers. Our mission is to promote school spirit in order for all students to have a sense of pride, belonging, and enjoyment. As a group we organise various events, such as: themed spirit weeks, Terry Fox walk, Halloween assemblies, Semi-Formal dances, and Christmas activities. By organising these events, we are able to target a variety of interests within our school community. This semester, we made over $1000 in donations for our annual Terry Fox walk. This was a major achievement for our school, and everyone had a great time! We have also been given an incredible amount of donations from the local businesses, as prizes for our students. Their generosity was able to help us promote participation, and school spirit at our events. Our winter wonderland themed Semi-Formal dance was also a great success! We have so many great ideas ready for next semester, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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Previous Years

2019 - 2020 Council Members

Anita Bussi - Executive
Morgan Coverdale - Executive
Erica Vanderveen - Executive
Alyssa Hoyle- Executive
Morgan Wiatt - Executive

Sheridan Sneek - Grade Rep
Tatym Wagnar -  Grade Rep
Matthew Chamberw - Grade Rep
Myli Mcculligh - Grade Rep
Cory Matchett - Grade Rep

Grace Luey - Spirit Squad
Riley Simpson - Spirit Squad
Alyssa Saliba - Spirit Squad
Hanna Masterson - Spirit Squad
Ally Grenier - Spirit Squad
Robyn Skrubbletrang- Spirit Squad
Parker Lampman - Spirit Squad
Emma Hric - Spirit Squad
Ireland Graham - Spirit Squad
Sabrina Strong - Spirit Squad