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Starting in grade 11, students should be researching and planning which schools and programs they will consider making an application to attend after high school. Many college and university programs have additional requirements besides a grade 12 English credit. Careful planning is needed to make sure students are able to apply and access the programs they want after graduation.

Finding College Programs

Information about Ontario Colleges and programs offerings can be accessed on-line at www.ontariocolleges.ca This website has a fantastic search engine that allows you to search for programs by keyword. Access find a program on the web page to begin your research.

Finding University Programs

Ontario Universities and program offerings can be accessed through ontariouniversitiesinfo.ca. This website has many great tools associated with it. In addition students applying to Ontario Universities should visit Common University Data Ontario (CUDO), This web link will allow to look at the data of the applications to university programs last year. It will also provide information on what the grade cut-off marks were and how many students applied to a school or program.

Also of value is the university research checklist Make sure you check this out.

Students considering their university options are recommended to attend the Ontario University Fair in Toronto at the end of September.  They should attend the local university night in Niagara.


Other Pathways in Post-Secondary

Did you know many of Ontario Colleges offered bachelor degrees just as universities do? These programs are 4 years and the bachelor degree is the same as a university bachelor degree. Colleges also offer pathways to universities where in many programs they have an agreement with a particular university or universities to recognize and accept credits from the college program towards the university program. This often means you can enter a university program in its third year after completing a college degree. These agreements are called Articulation Agreements. To learn more, check out Niagara College's agreements. Other colleges and universities have agreements too.