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Port Colborne High School is fortunate to the have the support of many community organizations and individuals who seek to provide our graduates with resources to access post-secondary education.  Listed below you will find a number of scholarships and awards at PCHS.  Students are matched to these awards by the Scholarship and Awards Committee. Students complete an information package in March and submit it in order to be considered for the awards.  Some awards and scholarships carry additional criteria, like attending a post-secondary program in September, that may not be listed here.
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Arnott Wilson Scholarship
—awarded to a male and female student who have demonstrated academic and personal growth throughout his/her years at Port Colborne High School and will be attending post-secondary education.

Armstrong Funeral Home Scholarship—to a student with a 75% or more in science oriented classes, a hard worker with good communication skills and a positive outlook.

Astra Awards—awarded to five well-respected grade 12 students as selected by the Class of 2013.

Canadian Citizenship Award—presented to a graduating student with good academic standing who participated in extra-curricular activities and was involved in community or volunteer service.

Canadian Federation of University Women Scholarship—to a female graduating student enrolled in a Canadian university as selected by the Students’ Award Committee.

Canadian Welding Association Award—awarded to a graduate who attained top marks in welding.

Caesar Esposito Memorial Fund—awarded to a graduate who will be continuing his/her  studies in a technological field. This student is a well-respected member of the school and has put forth his/her best effort.

Carrie Lynn Pinard Memorial Scholarships
(l) to a graduating student with a minimum average of 80% in six grade 12 subjects who has demonstrated persistence, determination and a love for learning.  The student must also have served as a positive role model through personal development and interactions with others.  
(2) to a graduating student of admirable character who has overcome obstacles in pursuit of education and has demonstrated humanitarian qualities in interaction with others. The recipients must be continuing in education in the years after graduation.

Chad Simon Memorial Scholarship—presented to a graduate pursuing an education at a post-secondary institution, who has contributed significantly to school life while at PCHS and has shown an interest in history and/or politics by application to the Simon family.

Cinefest Niagara Award—presented to a graduate who has demonstrated an interest in the Arts (Musical Art, Music, Theatre, and Dance).

City of Port Colborne Community Service Award- presented to one deserving student who has been involved in community service and is a resident of Port Colborne.

Clark Tennier Memorial Scholarship for Chemistry—awarded to a student who has demonstrated a keen interest or proficiency in chemistry and who is planning to attend a post-secondary institution.

Dr. E.C. Butcher Memorial Scholarship—awarded to a student who is:
(1) attending a dental hygiene program in September; (2) or attending a Music program in September; (3) or attending a nursing program in September.

Dr. Ewen Mackenzie Scholarship— awarded to 2 students who are entering a post-secondary program leading to a degree in medicine.

DSBN Student Recognition Awards
(l) awarded to a graduate from the Specialized School to Work program with a minimum 60% average and a strong work ethic (2) awarded to a student going directly to the work force with a strong work ethic and an average of over 60 %. Students are selected by the Students’ Award Committee.

Duncan J. Pierce Service Award—awarded to a student who has shown himself/herself to be a caring and compassionate individual, both by words and actions, by recognizing need and extending a helping hand to others.

Dundee Wealth Award—awarded to a student with high standing in business related courses.

Education Foundation of Niagara Student Achievement Award—awarded to a graduating student who will be attending a college, apprenticeship or post-secondary certification program; demonstrated commitment to school and the community by making positive contributions to school and community; demonstrated honesty, integrity and a sense of responsibility.

Egidio “Jerry” F. Mattiazzo Memorial Scholarship—awarded to a student who has made unique contributions to the school community and who has actively participated in a variety of activities.

Elaine Knisley Scholarship — presented to students graduating with 75% or more in six grade 12 U/M subjects who attended Steele St. Public School.

Elaine Mater Memorial Scholarship — presented to a graduate who has taken physical education throughout high school and is continuing in physical education or recreation.

Eric R. Wentland Award—awarded to a student who has participated in athletics during his or her graduating year.

Erma M. Todd Estate Scholarship—to a deserving female who has excelled in the area of sports and volunteerism, with an emphasis placed on not merely athletic accomplishment but a devotion to volunteer activity in the organization of sporting activities and recreation in general.

Ferrara Kennedy Student Award – awarded to a deserving graduating student who has been accepted to and attending a post-secondary institution in September

Forever Young Memorial Foundation
- In honour of Justin Chiavetti & Shane Terreberry, this award goes to a graduating student who demonstrates an outstanding commitment to the community while maintaining a minimum 70% average.  

George Huber History Award—awarded to a graduating student who has attained the highest   mark in PCHS History Department’s senior history course.

George Sutherland Memorial Scholarship— presented by the Port Colborne Optimist Club to deserving graduating students of admirable character continuing in the field of communication, citizenship or human relations.

Gertrude Campbell Memorial Scholarship — sponsored by the Port Colborne Horticulture society, to a deserving student pursuing an education in Horticulture or Forestry.

Girls’ Club— Awarded to the grade 12 graduate with the highest standing and who will be entering a College program.

Governor General's Medal —presented to the graduate with the highest average upon graduation (based on all grade 11 and 12 courses as listed on the student's transcript).

H.H. Knoll Scholarships- Grade 12 students, male and female with high standing (but not necessarily the highest) going on to university or other post-secondary education.

J. Oskam Steel Fabricators Ltd. - Awarded to a student pursuing a career in Engineering or Welding.   Having Co-operative Education experience is an asset.

James Patrick Cooney Scholarship—awarded by the Students’ Award Committee to a student enrolling in Geography/Canadian studies program.

James Patrick Cooney Girls’ Basketball Award—awarded by the Students’ Award Committee to a female student who has played basketball at Port Colborne High School.

Jennifer Davidson Scholarship— awarded to a student who has made a difference in the school community at P.C.H.S.

John Jay Memorial Physics Award—awarded to the student with high standing in Grade 12 physics at P.C.H.S.

Justin Sherk Memorial Scholarship— The students selected for this award have shown determination, positive outlook, and strength of character.  He / She has been involved in extracurricular activities and has made a substantial contribution to the school.

Karl Kahne Foundation Scholarships—Five scholarships awarded to students pursuing post-secondary studies in the Fall that focus on the following areas: Child Studies, Global / International Development, and Psychology.  Students’ volunteer activities are also assessed.

Lieutenant Governor’s Community Award— awarded to a graduating student for exemplary student involvement in the community.

Lynda M. Kish Memorial Scholarship— awarded in memory of teacher Lynda Kish to a graduating student by application to the Kish family.

Mark Fairchild Memorial Music Scholarship—awarded to a graduating student who has participated in at least one of the music programs at Port Colborne High School as selected by the Students’ Award Committee.

Mary G. Hynes Awards— awarded to a student with a high standing in two grade 12 English courses.

Mapleview Charities Education Bursaries— presented to two deserving students going on to college or university, who have contributed to the school and community at large, as selected by the scholarship committee.

McKellar Scholarship— To the graduating student who attains a high mark in 12U History and English. Must have secured standing in five other subjects.

Morgan’s Point United Church Women’s Scholarship—awarded to a student who is exemplary in stewardship, character and standing in academic and co-curricular activities and in daily life in the community.

OSSTF District 22 Bursary—presented to a graduate pursuing post-secondary education in the year immediately following graduation as determined by the Students’ Award Committee.

Phil Converset and Jack Robinson Technical Theatre Award—awarded to a worthy recipient for his or her involvement in the performing arts society and a member of the technical crew.

Port Colborne Community Women's Service Club lnc. Award—to the graduating female student who has performed the most volunteer work during this school year.

Port Colborne General Hospital Foundation Scholarship—presented to a student entering a program leading to a degree or diploma in a health related field.

Port Colborne Gyrette Award—given in memory of Senator Mary Kinnear to a grade 12 graduating female student entering a family studies related field at any post-secondary institute.

Port Colborne Gyro Award—presented to a male and female student who best exemplifies excellence in athletics and academics and has shown outstanding leadership and character traits, as determined by a vote of the graduating class.

Port Colborne High School Cosmetology Award—awarded to the graduating students who have earned at least 2 credits in cosmetology as selected by the Students’ Awards Committee.

Port Colborne High School Dance Program Scholarship— awarded to a graduating student who shows an aptitude in dance and demonstrated creativity in at least 2 dance courses.

Port Colborne High School Excellence ln Peer Tutoring Award—awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in the Peer Tutoring Program and is continuing in the field of community service.

Port Colborne High School Cooperative Education Award— awarded to a graduating student who has excelled in the work place / cooperative education program.

Port Colborne High School Technical Studies Award—awarded to a student who has pursued a number of programs in the Technical Studies Department.

Port Colborne High School Performing Arts Society Award—awarded to graduating students who are deemed dedicated and most worthy recipients for active and past involvement within the society and its promotion of musical, technical and dramatic arts.

Port Colborne Historical Society Award—to a graduating student who is a resident of Port Colborne and achieves the highest mark in grade 12 history and is going on in history at a Canadian university. This award was established to commemorate Port Colborne's 125 years.

Port Colborne Lions' Club Scholarship—to a male and female deserving graduating student with a good community involvement record.

Port Colborne Operatic Society Scholarship—selected by the PC Operatic Society and presented to a graduating student who has shown proficiency in the arts and pursuing post-secondary studies in the cultural or theatrical art, such as music, performing art, television, or fashion design.

Port Colborne Volunteer Fire Company Scholarship—presented to a graduating student who is entering a nursing or medical related program at a community college.

Port Colborne/Wainfleet Chamber of Commerce Scholarship—presented to a graduating student with high academic achievement in Business related courses and proceeding to post-secondary education next year.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 56 Scholarships—to a graduating student as selected by the Legion.

Shirley M. Therrien Scholarship—Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated commendable service through citizenship, voluntarism or humanitarian acts.

The Mary Bigford Award—awarded to the student who has volunteered with the performing arts society through costume, make-up and/or back stage support.

The Kevin Bigford Memorial Scholarship—The recipient of this award shall be in the Student Athlete who has minimum 80%, will be attending Post-Secondary school (college/university) in September, is an active participant in PCHS athletics, displays dedication to their team, never putting themselves ahead of others and demonstrates sportsmanship at all times, whether winning or losing.

The School Nurse Bursary— awarded to the student with the highest average in Grade 12U French.

The Blue Bear Success Award— to recognize a student who has shown determination to reach and achieve graduation.

The Conrad VanViegen Memorial Scholarship—awarded to the students who attain high academic standing in the following areas: woodworking, history, biology, law.   Donated by Dr. Jane Parr and the VanViegen family.

Tom Kirkwood Memorial Scholarship—to a graduating student with an exceptional aptitude for business who has been involved in extracurricular activities and made substantial contributions in community service.

Township of Wainfleet Scholarship—presented to a graduating Wainfleet student proceeding to a post-secondary institution who has attained the highest average in this graduating year.

VALE—INCO Limited Scholarship— awarded to a student who will attend university and secures first class honours with a concentration in math and sciences.

Wainfleet Historical Society—awarded to a student who is a resident of Wainfleet, who has taken two or more history courses and who demonstrates a genuine interest in history.

Wainfleet Lions' Club Scholarship— to a graduating student who has distinguished himself or herself in the community and who has contributed to the life of the school.

William and Lorna Rawlins Award—to a graduating student who has conscientiously and diligently worked for the benefit of others as well as for self-improvement.

William and Martha MacMillan Scholarship—awarded to a student attending a post-secondary school, who has contributed to extra-curricular activities, and who has a high academic standing.  This scholarship is available only in odd numbered years.

Young Automotive Professionals Award— to the graduating student who has completed the senior auto program division and is furthering his or her education in the automotive field.

Principal's Award— awarded to a male and female graduating student who have  made unique contributions to the school and the community.

Ontario Principals’ Council Award—awarded to graduates who have demonstrated student leadership skills.

Vice-Principal’s Award— awarded to a female and male graduating student who have (i) worked very hard to make graduation a reality; (ii) made unique contributions to the P.C.H.S. community.

Many other Scholarships are available.  Please check the Scholarship binder in the Guidance office.
Also check http://dsbn.org/awards.