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An environmental approach to creativity

Oct 23, 2020
Art is going green in Port Colborne High
By  Steve Henschel   Port Colborne Leader

PORT COLBORNE — Art is going green in Port Colborne.

Art students at Port Colborne High School have been hard at work preparing for Community Artists Niagara’s (CAN) 5thannual Green Arts Show on April 26 and 27 at The Wilson Archives next to the library. Students have been busy exploring what being green means through the use of recycled materials and focusing on works examining environmental issues.

“The last two years we challenged students to think outside the box,” said event organizer Doug Carter, explaining the show is set to feature student works representing a wide variety of themes using a host of media including organic materials, recycled items and re-purposed materials.

“The students really like to reflect on environmental issues,” said Carter, explaining this year the show will feature solely the works of students. In the past it has featured local artists however, with CAN moving from its Niagara Falls home this year, the choice was made to leave the show in student artist hands.

Carter noted the show is an opportunity not only for students to learn new, environmentally conscious ways to make art, but also for them to voice their on environmental issues.

“It’s different for everyone,” said Carter.

At Port Colborne High School students have been working on a myriad of projects for the show.

Works of students include art bags created from repurposed materials like feed bags, design projects examining agricultural additions to residential backyards and even suits of armor created from old cardboard by the school’s special needs physical education class.

“It’s all about teaching them new ways to think,” said art teacher Dawn Mayne, noting the concept of green art opens up new media for kids to work with, from recycled clothing to cardboard to organic materials.

“Media is something an artist always needs to think about,” said Mayne, adding, “you can come at it from all different angles.”

The show runs from noon to 4 p.m. both days. Some students will walk away with prizes as area businesses have stepped up to donate prizes for the winners in several categories: best in show, best in environmental conscience, best organic-natural and best reclaimed & up-cycled and best use & re-use of found objects.

For more information visit www.communityartistsniagara2014.wordpress.com.