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"Chili" Day for Culinary Students

Oct 23, 2020
PCHS finished tied for 3rd at Cook-off

It was a chilly day for some chili tasting at the Lakeside Yacht Club in Port Colborne on Saturday.

The club hosted its 12th annual Chili Cook Off.  It was a colder, greyer day for the event, whish is always in contention with the weather on cook off day.

“Everybody’s got a great attitude. They basically say that it’s chili weather,”  said Fred Marois, club member and co-creator of the event.

In past years they’ve had up to 15 different businesses and individuals come out with their chili to try to claim the top prize. This year, there were 11 different chili options to choose from.

One team that had been vying for the prize was Port Colborne High School.

Students taking culinary with the specialist high skills major program made their own chili and fresh buns to go along with it.

“It’s a great way for the kids to show off their skills, what they’re developing in school,” said Grant Tenden, a welding teacher at the high school.

He said the culinary teacher wasn’t able to make it out, so he jumped on board to help the students.

Brooke Bulitz, a grade 10 student who will be in the high skills major program next year, said she enjoys doing events like this because it gives her the opportunity to meet new people and help out the community.

PCHS finished tied for 3rd place after all the votes were in.

Marois said while proceeds from the event do go to the club, they also donate a portion to a charity. In previous years, they donated to Help a Child Smile, but he said discussions were still happening for this year’s charitable donation.

He lamented that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was in Port Colborne on Friday, hadn’t stayed an extra day to join in on the event.