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No Screens for a week challenge concludes

Oct 23, 2020
Annual challenge for PCHS Sociology Students teaches new skills
The grade 11 Sociology class took on the challenge of “No Screens for a Week.” The class taught by Mrs. Carl used this challenge as a learning tool for the students to understand how time consuming technology can be. It also helped to encourage the students to learn about themselves .  This challenge, as always, comes with great defiance  from the students but Mrs. Carl argues that the students who are the most resistant, benefit the most.  The week encouraged students to reach out and try something new that they would not have done if they were “plugged in” to their social media. Many students  tried knitting as an alternative way to spend time .  The class was fortunate to have one of the student's grandmother teach the class. Rachel Greer demonstrated to the class what knitting is all about and the real skill it takes. Rachel brought her own yarn and needles and set out to teach the kids to “cast on” and while some struggled ,they all eventually were able to knit. The students were also able to experience other things throughout the week. For example, many had more time to read, for leisure. Some had time for chores and exercise while others said they went to bed earlier; and, as a result were more energized.  A few students commented that they were able to  have real conversations with friends and families instead of being plugged in, side by side,  to mind numbing screens.  Students also said they were less stressed and had a much easier time focusing on school because they were not focusing on the drama that social media creates.