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Sociology class attends Brock University for a day

Oct 23, 2020
Students sit in on lecture by Blue Bear Alumni Dr. Larkin Lamarche

Mrs. Carl’s grade 12 sociology class recently visited Brock University to prepare themselves for what university is truly like. The class attended a lecture on sports psychology by Port High’s own Larkin Lamarche, who graduated in 2001. Dr. Lamarche holds a Post Doctoral position in the Department of Kinesiology. 
She toured the class around the university and gave valuable advice on etiquette and how to stand out in first year university. 
             Moreover, the grade 12 class visited Dr. Lamarche’s lab where she conducted a research study on body image this year, with the help of Port High’s Ryan Waines through the Brock Science Mentorship Program. The students also visited a lab that is home to an obstacle course designed to aid older people in their stability. The students, and Mrs. Carl, enjoyed racing through this course. The class also ate lunch at the food court and were able to tour the campus by themselves. 
            In addition, students from the Health and Wellness High Skills Major benefited from this trip, including Sarah Airhardt, Matt McDougall, Sephra Ruston and Charles Steele. “Visiting the campus and attending the lecture was interesting for me to see what university really entails,” said Sarah Airhardt, grade 12 student. “Now I know what I should expect.” Overall, the entire class enjoyed being immersed in the university atmosphere, as many will be attending university this upcoming fall. 

By: Hillary Kendrick